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Philadelphia Planning - Land Use

2016 - City of Philadelphia

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City of Philadelphia land use as ascribed to individual parcel boundaries or units of land. Land use is the type of activity occurring on the land such as residential, commercial or industrial. Each unit of land is assigned one of nine major classifications of land use (2-digit code), and where possible a more narrowly defined sub-classification (3-digit code). The land use feature class has been field checked and corrected for the following Planning Districts. The year of the update is in parentheses: Central (2012) Central Northeast (2013) Lower North (2013) Lower Northeast (2012) Lower Northwest (2013) Lower South (2011) River Wards (2014) South (2014) West Park (2011) University Southwest (2012) Hunting Park West (2015) North Delaware (2015) Lower Southwest (2015) Germantown (2015) Portions along Roosevelt Boulevard (2015)