Data Summary

Aquatic Resources Group

2006 - Natural Lands Trust

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This raster dataset is a compilation of several data sets that have been combined to create an overall aquatic resources conservation value raster for the Expanded Piedmont of Pennsylvania. It is one of three groups used to create an overall Conservation Resources data set. Conservation value ranges from 1 - 10 with 10 being the highest value. The following eleven data sets were created through SmartConservation® methodology using conservation values determined by experts gathered by Natural Lands Trust. Riparian Buffer Quality Water Quality (303d/305B) Headwaters Protection Impervious Cover 2000 Impervious Cover Change 1985-2000 Forested Water Quality Hydric Soils Floodplains National Wetlands Inventory Fish Habitat Herp (Aquatic) Habitat They were added together and the resulting raster was then reclassified into 10 quantiles as follows: 10 Quantiles (with zero excluded in quantile reclassification) Old Value New Value 0 0 6-29 1 29-38 2 38-46 3 46-53 4 53-61 5 61-69 6 69-79 7 79-90 8 90-106 9 106-232 10 NoData NoData