Data Summary

Riparia Land Cover - General reclass following an Anderson Level 1 (Forest, Agriculture, Developed, Water) 2005

2018 - The Pennsylvania State University

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This layer was created to facilitate ecological understanding by reclassifying the base PAMAP2005 land cover layer which was based on satellite imagery collected in the early 2000s. To better understand ecology condition using satellite collected land cover data it is often beneficial to focus on more specific land cover types. This layer groups all the forest classes into one forest class, urban and suburban classes into one developed class and agricultural classes into one agricultural class. This allows condition to be assessed using metrics, such as those tabulated using GIS tools found in Fragstats (McGarigal & Marks, 1995), to be consistently calculated within ecological units like watersheds and political units like counties. The resulting raster format layer has three classes: Forest, Agriculture, Developed and Water.