Data Summary

Penn State University Park Campus LiDAR - DEM

2016 - The Pennsylvania State University

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LiDAR and related products for the Penn State University Park Campus 2015. In April of 2015 Woolpert obtained new aerial LiDAR covering the entire project area (+/- 45 sq. miles). The aerial LiDAR was collected during leaf-off conditions at a point density average of 0.5-meter with products comprised of LAS (ground and above ground points) and DEM in IMG format (contains ground only points). The LiDAR is delivered using 1,250’ x 1,250' tiles (matches the ortho tiling system). Adjacent flight lines overlap by an average of 25 percent. LiDAR was collected with a Leica ALS70 LiDAR System. The LiDAR data was produced in the Pennsylvania State Plane NAD83 (2011), NAVD 88 in units of Survey Foot.