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Bedrock Geology of Pennsylvania

2001 - Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

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The 1980 Pennsylvania state geologic map (Berg and others, 1980) shows the areal distribution of 194 bedrock geologic units. The units range in geologic age from Quaternary to Precambrian and encompass a wide variety of lithologies. The map was compiled and published in a transverse mercator projection at 1:250,000 scale. The two digital data sets include 195 geologic units, which, for the most part, closely correspond to those shown on the 1980 map. The data sets were prepared using ArcInfo software and are provided in a geographic coordinate system (units in decimal degrees). Although it is possible to portray digital data at any scale, the geologic formational contacts, faults, and dikes represented in these data sets are not intended to be used at any scale finer than 1:250,000.