Data Summary

Landcover - State College, Pennsylvania

2006 - University of Vermont Spatial Analysis Laboratory

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High resolution land cover dataset for State College, Pennsylvania. Seven land cover classes were mapped: (1) tree canopy, (2) grass/shrub, (3) bare earth, (4) water, (5) buildings, (6) roads, and (7) other paved surfaces. The primary sources used to derive this land cover layer were 2009 imagery and LiDAR. Ancillary data sources included planimetric GIS data provided. This land cover dataset is considered current as of summer 2009. Object-based image analysis techniques (OBIA) were employed to extract land cover information using the best available remotely sensed and vector GIS datasets. OBIA systems work by grouping pixels into meaningful objects based on their spectral and spatial properties, while taking into account boundaries imposed by existing vector datasets. Within the OBIA environment a rule-based expert system was designed to effectively mimic the process of manual image analysis by incorporating the elements of image interpretation (color/tone, texture, pattern, location, size, and shape) into the classification process. A series of morphological procedures were employed to insure that the end product is both accurate and cartographically pleasing. No accuracy assessment was conducted, but the dataset was subject to a thorough manual quality control. More than 30,000 corrections were made to the classification.