Data Summary

Modeled Primary Wetlands, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Statewide, 2013

2013 - University of Vermont Spatial Analysis Laboratory

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This dataset was developed to support land-cover mapping and modeling initiatives in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. High-resolution wetlands dataset for Pennsylvlania. Primary wetlands classes were mapped, plus water:EmergentScrub\ShrubForestedWaterThe primary sources used to derive this modeled wetlands layer were 2006-2008 leaf-off LiDAR data, 2005-2008 leaf-off orthoimagery, 2013 high-resolution land-cover data, and moderate-resolution predictive wetlands maps incorporating topography, hydrological flow potential, and climate data. This dataset is considered current based on the 2013 land-cover map.Wetlands classes were mapped using a rule-based expert system embedded within an object-based framework. Object-based image analysis techniques (OBIA) work by grouping pixels into meaningful objects based on their spectral and spatial properties. Using this technique, a rule-based expert system was designed to effectively mimic the process of manual image analysis by incorporating the elements of image interpretation (color/tone, texture, pattern, location, size, and shape) into the classification process. A series of morphological procedures were used to ensure that the end product was both accurate and cartographically coherent.This dataset was developed to support land-cover mapping and modeling initiatives in Pennsylvania.