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Water Pollution Control Facilities

2024 - Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

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A Water Pollution Control Facility is a DEP primary facility type related to the Water Pollution Control Program. The sub-facility types related to Water Pollution Control that are included in eMapPA are: Agricultural Activities - The management and use of farming resources for the production of crops, livestock or poultry. Biosolids Treatment - Indicates that the facility treats sewage sludge to produce a material that can be beneficially used, biosolids. Compost/Processing - Indicates that the facility treats sewage sludge by composting to produce a material that can be beneficially used, biosolids. Conveyance System - Sewage system without treatment. Discharge Point - Discharge point to stream. Groundwater Monitoring Point. Internal Monitoring Point - Used to monitor internal processes - not a discharge. Land Discharge - Land application of wastewater. Manure Management - Activities related to or supporting storage, collection, handling, transport, application, planning, record keeping, generation or other manure management activities. Outfall structure - Outfall structure to stream. Pesticide Treatment Area - These SFs are created to address treatment areas that in reality are often an entire water body, such as a pond. The lat/long coordinates are supposed to be entered at the mid-point or center of the treatment area. Pipeline or Conduit - Pipes or other smaller diameter conveyances that are used to transport or supply liquids or slurries from collection, storage or supply facilities or areas to other facilities or areas for storage, modification or use. These can be for longer-term, medium-term or short-term and would include design, capacity, maintenance, safety, inspection, accident and varying use and weather considerations. Production Service Unit - Catch all sub-facility that covers a variety of industries participating in a multitude of activities such as concentrated animal feeding, pharmaceuticals, paper, steel, utilities, etc. The majority of PSUs are classified as Industrial Waste or Stormwater-Industrial (Primary Facility kind). Pump Station - Sewage pump station. Septage Land Application - Indicates that the septage hauler treats residential septage for land application, meaning that it can be applied to land as a soil amendment/fertilizer. Storage Unit - Storage of wastewater. Treatment Plant - Sewage or industrial wastewater treatment plant.