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Encroachment Locations for Oil & Gas

2023 - Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

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An Encroachment Location for Oil & Gas is a DEP primary facility type related to the Oil and Gas Program. The sub-facilities that fall under Oil and Gas Encroachment also exist under Encroachment Locations. The difference is in the DEP program that regulates the facilities. Sub Facility types include:___Bridge--- A bridge across a stream required to provide access primarily to an oil and gas location Culvert--- A culvert installed to provide access primarily to an oil and gas location. Stream Bank Protection definition - Oil and Gas Stream Bank Protection facilities are physical barriers or practices put in place to minimize stream bank disturbance from Oil and Gas related activities. Intake structure - means the total physical structure and any associated constructed waterways used to withdraw water from waters of the Commonwealth. The intake structure extends from the point at which water is withdrawn from the surface water source up to, and including, the intake pumps.