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Active Underground Permit Boundaries

2024 - Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

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Pennsylvania state law requires those who wish to conduct mining activities within the Commonwealth submit and get approval by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for permits related to those activities. These permits are written to cover various aspects of the mining operations, such as: reclamation, water quality protection, air quality protection, waste disposal and mine subsidence control. The DEP California District Office reviews permits related to Bituminous coal underground mining. Module 6.1 of the Application for Bituminous Underground Mine requires a Location Map be submitted with the permit. The Location Map should be a 7.5 Minute USGS map covering the area within one (1) mile of the underground permit area boundaries. This dataset contains the digitized underground permit area boundaries of the active underground bituminous mines in Pennsylvania based from the Location Maps submitted with the permit applications and permit renewal applications.