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USGS QL2 LiDAR for Dauphin County, PA 2016 - DEM

2016 - U S Geological Survey

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The Dauphin County, PA 2016 QL2 LiDAR project called for the planning, acquisition, processing and derivative products of LIDAR data to be collected at a nominal pulse spacing (NPS) of 0.7 meters. Project specifications are based on the U.S. Geological Survey National Geospatial Program Base LIDAR Specification, Version 1.2. The data was developed based on a horizontal projection/datum of NAD83 (2011) State Plane Pennsylvania South Zone, US survey feet; NAVD1988 (Geoid 12B), US survey feet. LiDAR data was delivered in RAW flight line swath format, processed to create Classified LAS 1.4 Files formatted to 711 individual 5,000-foot x 5,000-foot tiles. Tile names use the following naming schema: "YYYYXXXXPAd" where YYYY is the first 3 characters of the tile's upper left corner Y-coordinate, XXXX - the first 4 characters of the tile's upper left corner X-coordinate, PA = Pennsylvania, and d = 'N' for North or 'S' for South. Corresponding 2.5-foot gridded hydro-flattened bare earth raster tiled DEM files and intensity image files were created using the same 5,000-foot x 5,000-foot schema. Hydro-flattened breaklines were produced in Esri file geodatabase format. Continuous 2-foot contours were produced in Esri file geodatabase format. Ground Conditions: LiDAR collection began in Spring 2016, while no snow was on the ground and rivers were at or below normal levels. In order to post process the LiDAR data to meet task order specifications, Quantum Spatial established a total of 84 control points (24 calibration control points and 60 QC checkpoints). These were used to calibrate the LIDAR to known ground locations established throughout the project area.