Data Summary

Armstrong County Land Use/Land Cover 2010

2015 - Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission

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SPC’s Land Use/ Land Cover (LULC) was developed with heads-up digitization methods based on the visual interpretation of SPC’s one-foot resolution black and white orthophotography from 2000-01. Data for Lawrence County was initially digitized using 1997 one-foot by two-foot resolution orthophotography, and was updated with 2000 LandSAT panchromatic satellite imagery. Westmoreland County was digitized using 2003 one-foot resolution orthophotography. In 2006, the SPC LULC was updated based on color aerial photography from the PA DCNR’s PAMAP Program. As a follow up to the land cover developed by SPC in 2000, the 2006 land cover data uses the same classification system and land cover definitions allowing change to be measured across the region. The classification closely resembles USGS Anderson Level I & II standards. SPC’s LULC was updated once again in 2010 based on the aerial imagery collected by the National Agricultural Imagery Program with one-meter resolution. Heads up digitization methods were again applied based on previously adopted definitions set in 2000. SPC’s LULC is designated based on a three-tier hierarchical classification system. Level I contains six LULC types: Urban-Built-Up, Agricultural, Rangeland, Forest, Water, and Barren Land. Levels II and III provide a more thorough classification of the land. Level III classes will be highlighted briefly following Level II definitions. Some Level III classes have been developed consistent with Level II detail for mapping efficiency in accordance with the level of detail and purpose of this project. Other Level III classes have been developed providing higher detail but are not fully utilized so that future mapping can be achieved (at that level of detail) if the need should arise.