Data Summary

Infrastructure Report Geodatabase - Limits of Clearance (LOC) for infrastructure development as of December 2012

2014 - Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

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Limits of Clearance (LOC) for infrastructure development of shale gas activities on state forest land as of December 31, 2012. This dataset was used in part to develop the Bureau of Forestry’s Shale Gas Monitoring Report (released April 2014). This dataset is intended to represent areas where vegetation would be removed or altered due to shale gas development. This area tends to be equal to or less than DEP permitted Limits of Disturbance (LOD). The permitted LOD can include erosion & sedimentation measures that do not impact surface vegetation (such as silt sock). LOC typically include the area where gas infrastructure is developed such as roads, pads and pipelines and the additional workspace cleared for the project. Shale gas related development projects tend to be adjacent to each other and could possibly be attributed to several types of development (pads, roads, pipelines). The individual features have been arbitrarily assigned to a single type of development to avoid counting the same areas several times. Portions of the LOC may be reclaimed or allowed to revert back to natural vegetation within the near future, and is therefore not necessarily an accurate measure of vegetated areas permanently converted to non-vegetation. This data is an estimate of the area that was cleared for a shale gas related project. There may be inaccuracies in the vector or attribute data. This data is intended for demonstration, monitoring, planning, educational, and research purposes only.Project Type Code Values: 1=Gas Well, 2=Road ROW, 3=Pipeline, 4=Compressor, 5=Freshwater Impoundment, 6=Water Withdraw, 7=Storage, 8=Stone Pit/Quarry, 9=Meter/Valve/Tap, 10=Monitoring, 11=Oil Well, 12=Oil and Gas Well. April 2014 Shale Gas Monitoring Report Infrastructure