Data Summary

Fragmentation Report Geodatabase - Forest Fragmentation - prior to shale-gas development (pre-2008)

2014 - Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

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This dataset represents a snapshot of forest fragmentation on state forest land prior to shale-gas development (pre-2008). The data was derived from the Bureau of Forestry’s fragmentation analysis in the April 2014 Shale Gas Monitoring Report using the University of Connecticut’s Landscape Fragmentation Tool (LTF) v 2.0 and the Bureau of Forestry’s data. The results categorize state forest land into: 1) small core patches less than 100 hectares, 2) Medium core patches with an area between 100 and 200 hectares, 3) Large core patches greater than 200 hectares, 4) Non-forested area, 5) Forest Edge, 6) Perforated forest, and 7) Patch forest. The default 100 meters was used to define forest edge. The fragmentation model considers all changes and is not limited to just shale gas activities (non-shale gas related changes do affect the results of this analysis too). April 2014 Shale Gas Monitoring Report Fragmentation