Data Summary

Thickness of Glacial Deposits, Western Crawford County, Pennsylvania

2010 - Allegheny College




Digitized sediment thickness map for western Crawford County, Pennsylvania. (The term western applies to all portions of the county west of 80 degrees 07' 30") The complete citation for the source map is: Map Showing the Thickness of Glacial Deposits and Locations of Wells in Western Crawford County, Pennsylvania by George R. Schiner and John T. Gallaher, 1979, W46, Plate 2. The original map was published at a scale of 1:50,000. The map is a part of the Pennsylvania Geologic Survey Water Resource Report 46, Geology and Groundwater Resources of Western Crawford County, Pennsylvania. This GIS dataset shows the areal distribution of glacial deposits and estimated well yields across the western portion of Crawford County. Water well locations published on the source map have not been included here. All mapping activity and thickness interpretations were made by the original authors of the map (Shiner and Gallaher, 1979); the authors of this electronic geospatial resource (Shaffer et al., 2010) have only transferred the map features, assigned attributes, and documented our process.