Data Summary

Philadelphia Map

2013 - City of Philadelphia


Online Viewer Application:

Data from the Department of License and Inspections, Planning, Parks and Recreation, Heath, etc, can be viewed on this interactive map. Preset maps can be selected containing datasets from the following categories: Bike Network, Business, Construction, Gun Permit Appeals, Rental Licenses, Vacancy, Violations, and Zoning. Users can also overlay districts on the map, such as Census Tracts or Sanitation Districts. Additional datasets will be added over time. API access is available through the ArcGIS Server Map Services API interface. The City of Philadelphia makes no representation about the accuracy of any specific information in this GIS data and is provided “as is” and without Warranty of any kind. The user of this data and will hold the City of Philadelphia harmless from any and all claims, demands, liabilities, obligations, damages, suits, judgments or settlements, including reasonable costs and attorneys' fees, which arise from use of this data.