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USGS Geopdf's for Virginia

2011 - U S Geological Survey

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About GeoPDF data files PDF (Portable Document Format) digital files are now available for US Geological Survey topographic quadrangle maps. Each file is essentially a scan of a topographic map with the added feature of being georegistered. The files can be used as a PDF file, enabling users to view topo maps onscreen. The GeoPDF format is an extension to Adobe's PDF 1.3 and higher versions enabling GIS functionality within standard PDF files. This format is designed for the efficient distribution and communication of rich spatial data to anyone who needs to view, review, verify, update, or print it. Because GeoPDF files are highly compressed and encapsulated, they are smaller, faster, and easier to transmit than GIS data sets, without the overhead associated with typical GIS spatial data sets (or the management of database tables, external links, and dependencies). Using the GeoPDF format, publishers of spatial data can select the specific spatial data they want recipients to see and can publish GIS source files into a single GeoPDF file. GeoPDF files are not a replacement for native GIS formats. GIS professionals still need the original files for editing or updating spatial data. GeoPDF files enable non-GIS professionals, field technicians, business executives, and their colleagues to utilize rich spatial information. Users can view and print GeoPDF files with the free and ubiquitous Adobe Reader ,and they can do more with the data using a free plug-in called TerraGo Toolbar. Users do not have to install this plug-in to view GeoPDF files.