Data Summary

Floodplains of Pennsylvania

1996 - The Pennsylvania State University

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In an effort to expedite the permit review process for Water Obstruction and Encroachment Applications, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has initiated a plan to replace hard-copy maps with digital GIS sets. The project is referred to as the 105 Spatial Data System /8105SDS/9 Pennsylvania river floodplains and coastal floodplains are two of many spatial data sets that were used in the 105SDS project. As a result of work completed by Law Environmental, Inc. on the statewide low-level radioactive waste siting project, DEP received two coverages depicting river and coastal floodplains. However, due to the process used in constructing these data sets, there were many areas throughout the state in which floodplains were not digitized. The primary purpose of this task was to complete the digital floodplain mapping in these areas.