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Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA) is the official public access geospatial information clearinghouse for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and has served for twenty years as Pennsylvania's node on the National Spatial Data Infrastructure.

PASDA was developed by the Pennsylvania State University as a service to the citizens, governments, and businesses of the Commonwealth. PASDA is a cooperative project of the Governor's Office of Administration, Office for Information Technology, and the Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment of the Pennsylvania State University. Funding and support is provided by the Pennsylvania Office for Information Technology. In addition, PASDA also receives substantial support from the Pennsylvania State University.

Pennsylvania Atlas

The new Pennsylvania Atlas was designed to provide enhanced visualization and data download capabilities through an online mapping interface. With the PA Atlas you will be able to view, download, and create your own maps using data available through PASDA. The data in the PA Atlas includes statewide boundary files, transportation, wildlife, conservation, recreation, and health data layers to name a few. Users can search for data by county or address or simply zoom in to their area of interest. By using our identify function, users can see data attributes such as road names, traffic counts, state park names and link directly to websites related to data for more information. If you would like to create your own map, simply select your data layers and use our map making function to create a PDF, JPG or PNG file to download. Please feel free to provide comments, suggestions and ideas about our new Pennsylvania Atlas.

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The new Pennsylvania Imagery Navigator has been developed to provide fast, easy access to imagery and LIDAR for PA. Send comments to:

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