Pennsylvania Base Map Themes

The Data Program Task Force has continued to build out the core base map themes that were approved by GeoBoard members in December 2016. Following the adoption of the recommended core base map for Pennsylvania, the Data Program Task Force concentrated on identifying the authoritative sources of the base map data and has completed the Stage 1 analysis. Stage 1 consists of the identification and assimilation of various data sources of the base map layers in their current state. Eight of the twelve data layers were identified as being complete and aggregated for Stage 1 and ready to be included in the base map. The four remaining layers have been identified to exist in a non-aggregated state or currently do not exist. Workgroups have been created to begin the development of a sustainable process to gather data for these incomplete layers so that they can be included in the Stage 1 release.









Remote Sensing (Imagery)






Land Use


Land Cover


Geographic Names


Tax Parcels/Assessment Data






Download Individual Layers used to create the Pennsylvania Base Map

How to include your data in the Pennsylvania Base Map