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National Weather Service - Relative Humidity Forecasts

Title:National Weather Service - Relative Humidity Forecasts
Originator:National Weather Service
Publication Date:2010
This datasets contains 40 maps representing relative humidity forcasts for times occuring every three hours during the next seven day period. The model is run every three hours, so these forecast projections are relative to real-time, plus or minus three hours. RELATIVE HUMIDITY is the expected Relative Humidity (RH) for the indicated hour. RH is derived from the associated Temperature and Dew Point grids for the indicated hour. The National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) contains a seamless mosaic of digital forecasts from NWS field offices working in collaboration with the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP). The database is made available to all customers and partners from the public, private and academic sectors. Those customers and partners may use this data to create a wide range of text, graphic, gridded and image products of their own. Over time, NWS will offer a wider array of gridded forecast elements and a larger set of graphical presentations.