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How to use the Data Access Wizard

What is the Data Access Wizard?

The Data Access Wizard allows you to search for data using various search methods. After you have selected your data the wizard allows you to Download, Preview, Remotely Connect to, or Make a Map of your data.

Step 1. Opening the Wizard - From PASDA's Home page, Click on Download Data at the top of the page.

Step 2. Select a query type - Choose a search method from the options provided: Keyword, Theme, Data Provider, County, or you can retrieve All Map Services or All Data

Option 1. Search by Theme allows you to search by ISO standard themes. All data that falls within that category will be returned to you in the search results.

Option 2. Search by Data Provider allows you to search PASDA and return all the datasets provided by a data partner.

Option 3. Search by Keyword allows you to enter one or more keywords to return more specific search results.

Step 3. Search - Enter a keyword search term into the search box. In this example we used Rivers as our keyword search term.

Step 4. Results Page - When your search results return you have many options.

In all cases you will be able to View Metadata and Download File Directly (via PASDA's FTP site). The ADD button places data into your Data Cart and you are able to Make a Map of your data . The Data Applications & Viewers button redirects you to an online mapping application where the data is able to be viewed and downloaded. The Lightning Bolt allows the user to connect to a mapservice of your data where available.