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Pennsylvania Census 2000 Mapper

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Goal: In this exercise you will become familiar with how to use the PA Census 2000 Mapper. What is the PA Census 2000 Mapper? - The PA Census 2000 Mapper is an application that enables a user to easily map and/or download Pennsylvania Census 2000 data, quickly and efficiently. Census data can be difficult to work with because of the thousands of variables to choose from. PASDA has come up with a service that allows the user to sift through this otherwise cumbersome data set. The user is able to select a Census Variable from the thousands of choices to make quick maps or download the data.

At the end of this exercise you should be able to:

Step 1.  Navigate to the PASDA site and Click on Online Mapping.


Step 2. Scroll down to the Specialized Web GIS Resources and Click on the PA Census 2000 Mapper.


Step 3.  Click on Choose Data.


Step 4. Select which census dataset you would like to use. SF 1 is a summary file and SF3 is detailed. Select SF 1.


Step 5. Select the level of data aggregation you would like to use. You can summarize based on counties, minor civil divisions, census tracts, census block groups or census blocks. If you are not sure what these datasets are, it would be a good idea to read the metadata. For this lesson we will select Counties.


Step 6. Select a census data category, P12. Select Sex by Age (Total Population).

Step 7. Select a specific data element, P012009: Total Population Male; 21 years.

Step 8. Select a method for classifying the data, either Quantile or Equal Interval. Select Quantile. By selecting quantile this will take the number of males that are 21 years of age in each county and divide that number into how many counties.

There are 67 counties in Pennsylvania so each range will have 13 counties. Each range is equally represented.

Note: If you selected Equal Interval the number of males that each class break is represented by the actual number of males that are 21 in each county. The data is less descriptive when you choose equal interval for this particular classification.

Click Identify and select a county. The county you select will return the population of males that are 21 years of age.

Step 9. Click Download. The data will be clipped to the extent of your current view.

Step 10. Navigate to where you would like to store the census data. The file will be saved as a WinZip File. If you are not familiar with this step see UnZip and Save.