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The Pennsylvania Map Gallery was created to allow users to view and download static maps developed from data available from PASDA's data partners. There are also links to other sites from the PA Department of Transportation, the PA Department of Health, and the PA DCNR Bureau of Topographic & Geologic Survey which maintain static maps of interest to PASDA users.The maps are in Adobe PDF format. The Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from the Adobe site.

Map Type Description




GAP habitat maps for Birds, Mammals, and Fish




1900-2000 Census Data and Population Change




Basins, Ecoregion, Gas and Coal, Landforms, Recreation land, Physiographic, Watersheds


PA Dept. of Health 2010


Birth Maps, Disease Incidence, Fetal Mortality, Injury Maps, Cancer Maps


PA Dept. of Transportation


County Type 10 Maps, County Type 3 Maps, PA Railroad Map, Official Transportation Map, National Highway System, Airport Map, Political Subdivision Type 15 Map, Second Class Township Type 5 Map, Traffic Volume Maps


PA Topographic & Geologic Survey


Geologic Map of PA, Oil & Gas Fields in PA, Distribution of PA Coals, Physiographic Provinces, Limestone & Dolomite Distribution, Glacial Deposits