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"Pennsylvania Imagery Navigator" This interactive application serves as the One Stop Portal to all imagery and raster data by, for, or about Pennsylvania. Capabilities of the Navigator include viewing data, search and retrieval of data, and creating a list of imagery or raster data to download. Functionality includes navigating the map, zooming automatically to a street address, and downloading the available images in MrSID, JPEG 2000, or TIFF formats. Dynamic links are included for images that are available from multiple time periods, data providers, and formats.
"Pennsylvania Atlas" The new Pennsylvania Atlas was designed to provide enhanced visualization and data download capabilities through an online mapping interface. With the PA Atlas you will be able to view, download, and create your own maps using data available through PASDA. The data in the PA Atlas includes statewide boundary files, transportation, wildlife, conservation, recreation, and health data layers to name a few. Users can search for data by county or address or simply zoom in to their area of interest. By using our identify function, users can see data attributes such as road names, traffic counts, state park names and link directly to websites related to data for more information. If you would like to create your own map, simply select your data layers and use our map making function to create a PDF, JPG or PNG file to download. Please feel free to provide comments, suggestions and ideas about our new Pennsylvania Atlas.
"Pennsylvania Mine Map Atlas" Coal mining has occurred in Pennsylvania for over a century. The maps to these coal mines are stored at various public and private locations (if they still exist at all) throughout the commonwealth. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Active and Abandoned Mine Operations (DEP) is involved in many projects dealing with historic and active mine map restoration and digitization. The DEP has tried to preserve the historic information contained on these maps by scanning the maps into a digital image.
"National Weather Service - Map Services" The National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) contains a seamless mosaic of digital forecasts from NWS field offices working in collaboration with the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP). The database is made available to all customers and partners from the public, private and academic sectors. Those customers and partners may use this data to create a wide range of text, graphic, gridded and image products of their own. Over time, NWS will offer a wider array of gridded forecast elements and a larger set of graphical presentations.
"Map Services" PennCAT is a framework for sharing and discovering GIS data services and applications on the Internet. It consists of a catalog of Commonwealth MapServices and applications, which can be discovered using a variety of search tools. MapServices and applications are available via a data provider's Inter net map server, and users are connected directly to that source.
"Google Earth" This interactive application integrates a number of general, framework, state-wide data layers, including environmental, political, census and imagery data. Navigation tools are available to view and navigate the map, and data can be queried dynamically. An export tool allows for any combination of vector layers to be clipped to a user-defined extent, projected to a user-selected projection, and downloaded in shapefile format.
"Map Gallery" The Pennsylvania Map Gallery was created to allow users to view and download static maps developed from data available from PASDA's data partners. There are also links to other sites from the PA Department of Transportation, the PA Department of Health, and the PA DCNR Bureau of Topographic & Geologic Survey which maintain static maps of interest to PASDA users. The maps are in Adobe PDF format The Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from the Adobe site.