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PASDA is a cooperative project developed by Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment with funding from the Geospatial Technologies Office as well as additional substantial support from the Pennsylvania State University.

The purpose of PASDA is to provide the greatest possible benefit to the GIS stakeholders in the Commonwealth by offering free storage of geospatial data to data providers, metadata development, and search/retrieval,. Additionally, PASDA serves as a comprehensive geospatial data digital library by providing free, universal access to geospatial data and information by, for, and about the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The goal of PASDA and its staff is to facilitate data sharing in a streamlined environment, making the process fast and easy for data sharing stakeholders. For information about sharing data, please visit our Participate in PASDA page.

The management and direction of PASDA is the responsibility of Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment (PSIEE).

PASDA Staff:

Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment also supports PASDA through database administration, system administration, connectivity, infrastructure, and programming. In particular, the long term support of Chris Pfeiffer contributed by the Institutes has been invaluable in the development of PASDA. Patricia Craig of PSIEE has also provided significant website development support.