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Participating in PASDA

There are several ways to participate in PASDA.

Share your data through the PASDA Clearinghouse
Sharing data through the PASDA clearinghouse is easy! Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Contact PASDA at or 814-863-0104

Step 2: PASDA will discuss with you the data you wish to share--for example, roads, land use, parcels, aerial photography, etc. and if/how often you might be updating this data.

Step 3: PASDA will also review any metadata you have for compliance and work with you to update or complete existing metadata.

Step 4: Send a CD, DVD, or FTP your data and metadata to PASDA.

Step 5: PASDA will place your data and metadata on the PASDA FTP site, and integrate it into our search and retrieval utilities and create a map service of your data if applicable.

Step 6: PASDA will notify you when your data is made available to the public.

Step 7: YOU are now a data provider! Thank You!

By sharing your data through PASDA you are providing an important service to your community, data stakeholders, and the Commonwealth. Data sharing reduces redundancy, saves crucial time and money for all the Commonwealth GIS community.

PASDA provides free storage for data and metadata for anyone wishing to share their data through the clearinghouse.

Promote your GIS data with our free metadata service.
If you would like to provide access to your data, but wish to store your data locally or you have incomplete metadata, PASDA will create metadata/store your metadata so that your data can be searched and accessed by thousands of users every month through the PASDA clearinghouse.

Provide feedback
PASDA staff want to hear from you. If you need data we don't currently offer or assistance using PASDA or the data available through PASDA, we are happy to help.

Share information about your GIS projects and activities
There are many GIS users, data developers, and information stakeholders in Pennsylvania. If you would like to share information about your efforts, please contact us.

Questions, comments, suggestions?
Contact PASDA at or 814-863-0104.